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'Masks', fused and painted glass and steel.

Photo: Kluvanek

'Facing Up', fused glass and copper wire set in granite base, 10 x 10 x 73 cm.

Photo: Kluvanek

'Rising Blue', fused glass set in granite base,10 x 10 x 77 cm.

Photo: Kluvanek


Pressure-sculpt small

Solart-logo s
Sculpture in steel, brass and etched glass, 40 x 14 x 30 cm Stained, painted and brilliant-cut glass object for The Solart Foundation, Belgium. 20 x 6 x 10 cm


The melting and forming of glass is integral to the art of Frans Kat. The sculptural form has inspired Frans for many years, since his close association with fellow Dutch bronze sculptor John Croonenberg, dating back to 1978. In those early years Frans’ subjects in his stained glass windows often related to three-dimensionality.

The recent, totem-like sculptures are concerned with the idea of transcendence. Each element possesses a unique deviation within the apparent repetition of shapes in the progression. They create rhythms echoed in the wave-like profiles of some of the pieces. They utilise both reflected and transmitted light, making them appear ever-changing.

The works combining glass with metals, including copper, brass, steel and bronze, have evolved since Frans worked with Linda Lichtman; (U.S.A.) and Greg Healey; (Adelaide), at the Ausglass Master workshops in 1995.