A contemporary setting calls for a contemporary solution!

Adelaide Artistic Glass also designs and manufactures exquisite glass panels of artistic laminated glass.


This new technique, which is ideally suited to contemporary architectural applications, both large and small, is free from the black lines and traditional context of stained glass.

Laminated art glass will give you both the beautiful colours and textures of mouth-blown glass, together with the privacy that etched or sandblasted glass can provide for certain areas of your home, such as bathrooms and entrances.


Fabricated using a unique, exacting process of inlaid lamination, sometimes referred to as glass appliqué, pieces of beautiful mouth-blown, coloured glass can be applied to a clear safety glass substrate using the latest high-tech adhesives. Furthermore, parts of the surface can be etched or sandblasted if privacy is a requirement of the setting. If you wish to retain the view through the window it can be applied only to certain parts of a larger window. Unique pieces of fused and textured glass as well as bevelling and glass painting may also be combined with this technique, which broadens the design possibilities immensely.

This style of glass art is perfect in the newer style of home where a clean contemporary look is required, such as a front door sidelight, bathroom window, skylight, sculpture, screen or partition or almost any application.


It is also perfectly suited to large architectural settings, restaurants, offices, commemorative or other significant windows for public buildings, churches, halls etc.


Adelaide Artistic Glass has created artistic laminated glass in South Australia since 1989 and is at the forefront of this contemporary artistic solution for the latest architectural settings. European-trained glass artist, Frans Kat is a leader in this new technique which is highly applicable to cutting edge interior design.