Recreating the beauty of a bygone era is a real possibility ...

With his thorough European training in the traditional techniques of glass painting and staining, Frans Kat has designed and made a substantial body of work for a myriad of styles of home.

He has created windows in traditional styles for homes which date from the Victorian era, through the Art Nouveau, to the Art Deco and Modern eras. His design versatility has enabled him to adapt the style of the stained glass to complement home extensions, additions and restorations so that the new and the old flow seamlessly into one another. At other times, if required, his stained glass reproductions of a particular period are so precise that it is virtually impossible to tell the new from the old.


Victorian Era Buildings:

Adelaide is renowned for its Victorian style public buildings and homes and Frans has been involved in countless projects where his expertise has been sought after to create either quality reproduction stained glass, or otherwise windows which artistically compliment the existing architecture and are harmonious with the interior design of that period.

A unique feature in many of these windows is the hand painted and stained centre-piece depicting flora and fauna or scenery. These are Frans Kat's speciality, having designed and made many spectacular centrepieces depicting every conceivable subject including the prized family racing yacht, the beloved family pets, unique Gang-gang Cockatoo, red Anemones, an old Square-rigged Sailing boat, the famous Lipizzaner horses of the Spanish Riding School of Venice, hay gathering in the English countryside, or even scenes of Gallipoli during WWI.

These exquisite panels are painted using traditional glass stainer's paints and brushes and are kiln-fired at temperatures around 650 degrees centigrade, making them permanent. The yellow and amber stains as well as the vivid, transparent enamels, painstakingly applied in stages to the glass between firings, truly make these panels small masterpieces in there own right.


Art Deco Period Buildings:

In recent years the Art Deco period architecture has begun to be re-assessed and is now highly valued and sought after. Many of the private homes of this period are being saved and restored by those who truly love the art and architecture it fostered.

Frans Kat has created countless designs and leadlight windows in keeping with this period to compliment home extensions and restorations. He has created many unique crystal clear bevel clusters, a hallmark of the leadlight of this period, and combined these with brilliant cutting and etched glass to create all the sparkle and elegance of a true Art Deco setting.


In other cases he has created a seamless transition between the older part of the home and the new by imbuing the newer leadlights with a character which acknowledges and refers to the adjacent older windows while at the same time giving the newer home extension a fresh, contemporary feel.



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Harvest 60 x 100 cm Courtyard Feature 80 x 230 cm Front Door Surround Dining Room Window 90 x 150 cm Justicia 200 x 320 cm Heraldic Window 36 x 45 cm Bathroom Leadlight Window 85 x 190 cm Hallway Sliding Doors Dining Room Window 75 x 130 cm Princess Parrots Centrepiece 48 x 48 cm

F1000052 s F1000055 s

Anzac Memorial Window 'Simpson and his Donkey'

45 x 75 cm

Anzac Memorial Window 'The Lighthorse, Gallipoli'

45 x 75 cm