Radiance from above...

The installation of a skylight is one of the most efficient and yet magnificent methods of bringing light into the interior any building.

We, at Adelaide Artistic Glass, have over 35 years experience working with interior designers and architects or directly with clients to design, manufacture and install small and large masterpieces for both private and public buildings.


There is little that can compare with the beauty and brilliance of a stained glass or laminated art glass skylight in adding superb character and ambience to any interior, whether it be of a traditional or contemporary design.


Frans Kat has designed many skylights large and small, both dome and flat panels, contemporary and traditional design, to suit every style of home and every budget.


In 1989 he designed one of Adelaide's first public artworks in laminated art glass, the semi-circular canopy skylight for the Grenfell Centre Building in Adelaide's CBD.

He has since designed and manufactured skylights using stained glass and/or Tiffany techniques for a number of major projects including homes in Unley Park and most recently in Burnside.