Contemporary Design

At Adelaide Artistic Glass we tailor our etched glass designs to suite each individual project, priding ourselves on meticulous detail to capture the essence of what is unique to the etched glass appearance.

960 Etched 1

Etched glass, also known as sandblasted or frosted glass is ideal for internal doors and windows in low light locations. The interplay between the white, etched surface and the relatively darker, clear areas creates a jewel-like effect, ideal for situations where a subtle or nuanced effect is required, particularly for low light, internal situations, or ones where  colour is not preferred.

Traditional Design

It is both beautiful and permanent. It can be equally applicable to either a traditional Victorian style, an Art Deco style or a very contemporary design and can be very attractive when combined with silver staining, brilliant cutting or with contemporary laminated art glass.

960 Etched 2A

960 Etched 3

960 Etched 4

 If the interior design requires colour, etching can also be applied to "flashed" or double layered coloured glass. This is equally attractive used in traditional or contemporary designs. We specialise in reproducing patterns for restoration projects.

960 Antique Etched strip