A panel to adorn a window, like a painting adorns a wall...

"Autonomous Panels" are so called because they are smaller glass panels which can be hung in front of a window, free from the architectural context, which is common to other types of stained glass panels which are installed in fixed frames and as such, relate strongly to their architectural context.

Occasionally Frans feels the urge to escape from the constraints of a narrow, architectural brief. This has led him to create a series of autonomous panels.

Free from the requirements to relate to a given space, these small, intensively worked, hanging panels are like transparent paintings, to be hung in front of a window, instead of a wall as one may do with a painting.

Used as a detailed sketch pad for spontaneous creation, or as a method to test ideas for a broader theme, Frans calls them his 'Scintilla'. He says, "They are the little sparks to liven up the day," and for others they may well ignite a little insight into the wonder of light and transparency. "Sometimes they work like a beacon towards a place further up ahead for me as well."


Often on show in our Studio and Gallery at Glenelg East, this range of free-hanging 'Autonomous' panels average in size from 60cm x 40cm. These very popular, contemporary style panels are well suited to the newer home with large expanses of glass, for they can add a unique touch of colour and sparkle to the interior design without denying the existing view.

Ideal for collectors of fine Art, these individually framed panels are portable and can be hung in windows in a variety of settings. They make an ideal gift and, given sufficient lead time, can also be made to order. They are the perfect solution for those wanting a portable art piece which is able to be hung in different settings or for special occassions.



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 F1000003 s


 F1000002 s  F1000008 s F1000005 s  F1000007 s   F1000004 s F1000041 s 
Children's Fears 65 x 38 cm Losing Touch 52 x 47 cm Jester 95 x 52 cm Dreaner 95 x 52 cm Triton 63 x 47 cm Chimera 63 x 47 cm Ad Infinitum 78 x 41 cm


 F1000006 s


 F1000009 s  F1000011 s F1000010 s   F1000001 s  F1000047 s  F1000061 s 
Connection 75 x 34 cm Green-stick Fracture 75 x 34 cm Despite Odds 65 x 38 cm Facade 64 x 38 cm On a High Note 65 x 38 cm Sea Spiral 60 x 88 cm The Apple 35 x 110 cm