Kat-5-0605 lInterested in commissioning an artwork or organising a repair or conservation project?

Adelaide Artistic Glass provides a free visit and estimate for clients within the Adelaide metropolitan area. Other areas by arrangement. Distance need not be a barrier, as we have been involved in projects interstate as well.

Coloured designs drawn to scale can be provided at the preliminary stage of the commissioning process. It may assist some clients to visit our gallery to view actual examples of the work and discuss the design possibilities as well as viewing the extensive photo and design portfolios.

A firm quotation can only be supplied after the designs are completed. The complexity of the work, special techniques such as etching, painting and staining, laminating all have a bearing on the cost, as does the type of glass to be used.

Do you have a repair or restoration project needing urgent attention?

It is very advantageous to a truly successful restoration project that all fragments, down to smallest piece of glass be carefully recovered immediately a breakage occurs. Contact us immediately so that a trained and experienced professional can asses and stabilize the panels and provide immediate protective glazing.

Damage to a Heritage window needs the attention of a highly skilled specialist to assess the proper conservation approach. We can provide a complete conservation report outlining the various options.

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